Surf Skate Music Culture: The culture that speaks for it's self

And as it was said at this show, which was announced a day in advance and the Island Bar, "this is why you go to a Jerk & Destroy show!" Yeah the sound is a little off from what we've got from some of the better quality live videos we have in our collect, BUT HEY! THIS IS  F@$K!#G PUNK ROCK! 

InsaniTV featured Prowler's video The Stalker on their 10th episode. Check it out

Surf Skate Music Culture is a local collective for all types of talent. A street team of Videographers, Photographers, Designers, Musicians, and atheletes has arisen to support the SSMC cause. We have developed a strong network for modern artistic entrepreneurs, as well as the the collabration of atheletes alike. There is always an eye open for new talent, models, music lovers, surfers, or whatever makes you well.. YOU! We would love to have YOU as a contributor! And we would love to see what makes you unique! Drop us a line and show us what you have been up too!